Enrico Fabio Cortese

The Two of Us

 Up Higher in the Sky

From Heaven to Hell

A Quiet Place

Time for Revenge

 Raising the Spirit

Dissolution of Fear

Random Thoughts

A Long Journey

The Day After


Enrico Fabio Cortese is an Italian music composer, active primarily as a film composer, and music producer. His works include film, television, and theater scores, as well as music composition for ballet.  Known for Television RAI TV movie series   "I Figli Strappati (Torn Children)," "La Caccia,"   "Bel Ami  (Liebling der Frauen)," "Una Madre," and international cinema scores ("Blood Trap", "In the Box", "Frau2SuchtHappyend") in collaboration with several  countries (Germany, England, USA, Spain and Japan). His musical language is devoted to blending classical orchestral elements with modern electronic sounds as well as pure electronic compositions.

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